The Water Project unlocks human potential by building and connecting global networks of local leaders, communities of generous supporters, and an informed public to provide sustainable water and sanitation programs to needlessly suffering communities in developing countries. We are committed to bringing people together to solve the problem of finding clean water. Whether it's our local teams in the field, our international staff, our donors and fundraisers, or the communities we serve - we believe that people are the greatest solution to the water crisis.

Our scrappy and dedicated staff thrives on collaboration with partners and volunteers. We inspire ideas and invent tools that equip our supporters to help people suffering needlessly without clean, safe water. We're a non-profit with the heart of a tech start-up. We tell stories. We strengthen partners. We build solutions. And we change lives, one village at a time.

We also want you and your family to thrive, so we offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, including company-paid medical/dental/vision insurance, 401k match, and a great vacation policy (ask anyone!).


The Water Project’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Resolution, and Learning (MERL) organizational work measures and evaluates our strategic water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) values of functionality, uptime, reliability, and geographical saturation. These values are our commitment to those experiencing immense challenges connected to the global water crisis and the foundation of building trust among partners, communities, and donors.

The MERL associate will work with the Director of MERL to assess the ongoing reliability of our projects/programs and identify opportunities for resolution and improvement.  

This is a full-time position based in Concord, NH.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain our project database by ensuring that all existing records are accurate and up-to-date and by adding new records when projects are implemented (using the mWater monitoring platform) 
  • Perform quality control checks on incoming data and provide feedback to the field teams as needed to improve the quality of data collected
  • Review timelines for data collection and track survey completion to ensure partners are on-track to meet monitoring deadlines.
  • Clean survey data and assist with analysis for Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) reports
  • Provide weekly M&E check-ins with the Program Officers and the Director of Program on overdue surveys and project downtime by program region.
  • Create data visualization consoles on the mWater monitoring platform to make quantitative information more easily accessible to The Water Project’s staff, partners, and donors
  • Create maps of our program focus areas using the mWater monitoring platform or another mapping tool 
  • Assist with regular data reviews with partners and the Western Kenya Regional Service Hub
  • Assist with annual partner monitoring training, including the possibility for international travel to support in-person training 
  • Assist with survey development and annual survey review process
  • Support additional monitoring and program team deliverables 
  • Support program team by assisting with seasonal/priority projects, as needed
  • Report directly to the Director of MERL


  • Desire to work with data and learn The Water Project’s WaSH monitoring and evaluation system
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Able to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Familiarity with international development context and WaSH concepts
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Coursework in statistics, environmental science, public health, engineering, or international development is preferred.
  • High proficiency with Excel required, experience with Stata or other statistical analysis software is preferred
  • Familiarity with mWater application a plus
  • Familiarity with GIS or other mapping software a plus
  • Experience with water quality testing a plus


You love working with data

For you, data provides a fascinating opportunity to see what is really happening. You want to be part of that process within an organization that is improving reliable water, sanitation, and hygiene access to hundreds of thousands of people. 

You are reliable

You show up, and you finish the job. You realize that the work of The Water Project depends on the reliability of people and parts, from a seal in a hand-pump to the person who consistently gets the job done. You play an important role in an organization committed to addressing the global water crisis and find value in fulfilling these commitments. You understand that your reliability translates to better data reliability, which translates to organizational reliability.

You are a learner

You will work with the team to figure out how to best execute the tasks at hand. Oftentimes this will come from coaching from the Director of MERL, but it will also involve research that you can bring to the team. You want to learn about The Water Project and how we can provide better communication through training, surveys, and the data we receive.

You are open to constructive criticism 

You recognize that the monitoring, evaluation, resolution, and learning process is not about you. You trust your team enough to make changes to your work. You also trust your team enough to bring your gifts, ideas, and creativity to the table.  You are a good listener and are committed to making our shared work a little bit better. You are a team player that appreciates the skills of others.

You pay attention to detail

There is much truth to be found in the details. You are able to quickly learn methods for spotting inconsistencies and warning signs with water points and survey patterns. You see what fits and what does not. 

You are organized

You'll raise our standards by improving our capacity to collect, filter, organize, and assess the vast amount of information connected to our projects. Your organization allows you quick access to the resources you have at your disposal.

You are a team player

We excel by collaborating. You work well in a fast-paced non-competitive environment and you are excited about filling a critical job with skills that complement and uplift others in the organization. 

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The nature of this position requires exceptional coordination with our team in our New Hampshire Headquarters.